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meet us


My name is Leandro, I grew up in Switzerland and officially I am a Primary School Teacher, Personal Trainer and Movement Pedagogist. Having taught in various schools, predominantly in Switzerland with experience in Australia as well, I soon realised that with 20 – 30 children in a class, it was impossible to provide adequate support for each child.

Learning is so much more than following instructions of the teacher, it is about self-discovery and self-mastery which are only possible when a child is free of stress and in a supportive environment. 

I was driven to step away from mainstream education and instead create opportunities for children and adolescents to learn in a truly supportive environment.

"Restoring the brain-body connection through gentle movements strengthens a child’s ability to feel connected within themselves and to those around him/her."


My name is Kaitlin, I’m a senior paediatric occupational therapist and work locally in the Byron Shire. My paediatric work is centred around supporting nervous system functioning through rhythmical movements and reflex integration which is essential for other important skills such as sensory processing, gross and fine motor skills, socialising and really everything! I also work privately in Women’s Health and have a strong passion for understanding how the birth experience impacts the long-term wellbeing of mother-baby.